Acne Scars

We at the Dermatology Institute have always placed the treatment and prevention of Acne Scars as one of our top priorities.  We offer one of the most comprehensive list of options in the world, and in all skin color types.  We have free cosmetic consults to discuss what options are best for you and to discuss the possible number of sessions needed.

Click here for more information on the stepwise management of acne scars that we like to call SPIF.

Here are the options based on stage of acne:

Early scarring with active acne


*no downtime and can be done while on oral isotretinoin or antibiotics

  •  V-Beam perfecta non-ablative laser treatments for the red scars
  • 30% Salicylic acid “peels or washes”


Mild scarring with ice pick, box scars


*Minimal down time

i. CROSS (chemical reconstruction of skin scars) with TCA or phenol

ii. Subcision with either 20 gage or 18 gage Nokor

iii. Above plus chemical peel with 3-Step Z.O. Peel or VI Precision

iv. Above plus Fractionated Erbium laser

v. Microneedling with/without CROSS

Moderate scarring with ice pick, box scars, rolling scars and atrophic or hypertrophic scars


*3-7 Days Down Time

  • Options i- ii above plus Fractional CO2, or
  • Options i-ii above plus Blue Peel with TCA 20-26%
  • Add Fillers ranging from Hyaluronic acids, to Bellafil, to Silikon 1000 for rolling or atrophic scars (shadow-enhanced scars)


*9-14 Days Down Time

Full-face 2-day modified Phenol peel when skin laxity is worsening appearance of acne scars


Severe scarring where > 50% of the face and upper neck has all scar types listed above

(touch-ups will be needed in areas with deepest scars)


*7-10 days down time

  • 26% TCA Blue Peel plus CO2 laser peel to selected areas


*>14 days down time

  • CROSS, Subcision and Full-face 2-day modified Phenol peel
  • Always consider addition of Fillers afterwards (such as Bellafill®)
  • Hypertrophic scars need intra-lesional Kenalog and 5-FU and possibly V-Beam perfecta


Click here to read more about SPIF for acne scar management

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