A Treatment with Many Benefits

This laser is unique in that it can benefit nearly everyone, including patients of darker skin color. Sessions take around 30 minutes to complete and do not require numbing or downtime. Even better, this is a pain-free therapy that allows you to immediately resume your daily activities. And you don’t have to wait until your skin is pale to schedule an appointment: you can do so anytime to begin the journey to softer, smoother skin.

Improvements to your skin’s tone and texture can be seen after just one treatment, but the most visible results follow a treatment plan of three to four sessions. Each is delivered about a month apart to give your skin the necessary time to recover. Because the Harmony harnesses the body’s internal healing responses, you’ll look completely natural as your results develop. This means you have no risk of appearing over-done or disproportionate.

What Does Alma Laser’s ClearLift Do for Skin?

ClearLift is a facial treatment that uses the Harmony laser machine to erase signs of aging and sun damage in the decollete, neck, and face. It, too, is designed by Alma and can safely rejuvenate all skin types.

This treatment bypasses the skin’s outermost layer to create microscopic holes in underlying tissues using short bursts of light. The body recognizes these “injuries” and goes into healing mode; as explained earlier, that involves the amplified production of collagen to give skin a more youthful appearance. Meanwhile, the surface of your skin remains damage-free to minimize downtime and promote faster recovery.

A Few Rejuvenating Details

Like the Harmony, you may see results from ClearLift after a single session. Most patients, however, need three to five treatments delivered three or four weeks apart to enjoy optimal benefits. Your skin’s appearance will continue to improve after each session, culminating in a revitalized appearance within three to six months.

Because treatment delivers heat deep below the skin’s surface – up to 3mm in depth – no numbing is necessary before treatment. And as with the Harmony, all healing takes place in underlying tissues without damaging your skin’s visible outer layer.

A Clear Advantage

This treatment is designed to tighten lines and wrinkles around the most delicate areas of the face, including the mouth and eyes. This makes it especially ideal for eliminating crow’s feet and smoothing skin along the jowls. Sessions move so quickly you can schedule an appointment during your lunch break. Treatment is gentle but effective, leaving behind no skin redness or swelling that needs to be camouflaged with makeup.

It’s important to understand this treatment is non-ablative. Many patients who choose traditional ablative laser treatments endure prolonged and uncomfortable recovery periods. The swelling and redness we mentioned just a moment ago can last from three to 14 days. But ClearLift allows you to return to work the same day if you choose.

Concerns We Can Treat

In addition to fighting fine lines and wrinkles, this treatment can also reduce the appearance of superficial brown darkening of the skin.

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