Amy Tovar has been a part of the Dermatology Institute “family” since 2010, even previously was office manager and a medical biller. Before working at the Dermatology Institute she was a loyal patient for over 20 years, passionately taking care of her skin. She is truly passionate about helping people and about taking care of your skin to maintain the best looking skin possible. She cares for patients and is empathetic in her approach to help develop a unique and personalized regimen for each person. There is so much information on social media and online, that it can be very confusing and overwhelming to know where to begin with anti-aging, anti-scarring, or beautification regimens, that Amy helps to educate and coordinate according to your needs.

Amy can be emailed for virtual consults at and please allow at least 24-72 hours for a response. Virtual and in-person consults are available at no cost. Amy Tovar cannot diagnose medical conditions and if brought up during a consult will be referred for an appointment with our dermatology providers.