Jackie McKesey, MD MS is a is a received her Medical Degree from Georgetown University, where she also earned her Master’s Degree in Physiology and Biophysics. At Georgetown, she received numerous academic awards and earned the prestigious title of Valedictorian. Dr. McKesey grew up in Washington, DC, and also has family roots in Belize and Los Angeles. Her love of medicine and physiology was born as an undergraduate at UCLA (Go Bruins!).

Dr. McKesey has clinical interests in improving texture and discoloration of her patient’s skin, procedural dermatology, and clinical trials. She completed a prestigious fellowship with renowned dermatologist Amit G. Pandya, MD in melanocyte transplantation for vitiligo, large-scale clinical trials, and cutting edge treatment of melasma. She completed her dermatology training at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas which is a top 10 program in nation according to the U.S. News & World Report. During her residency, Dr. McKesey served as Chief Resident of the VA Medical Center in Dallas, TX, in charge of 27 residents and a busy dermatology clinic and surgical schedule.

Dr. McKesey has gained numerous grants, awards, and leadership positions through the American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery, Women’s Dermatologic Society, Dermatology In Review, and American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. She is currently on the Advisory Council for Dermatology in Review and writes educational blog posts and articles on NextStepsinDerm.com.

In her free time, Dr. McKesey volunteers at free clinics for the underserved. She has four adorable children to chase after and a busy personal trainer husband who is a former LSU football player. With just a little bit of free time, she enjoys trendy exercise classes such as SoulCycle, CycleBar, and F45.

Awards and Achievements

• Texas Dermatologic Society- 1st place podium presentation recipient 2022
• UT Southwestern Medical Center Department of Dermatology, Chief Resident 2021
• AAD Member Communications Committee, Resident member 2021
• ASLMS preceptorship awardee, mentor: Dr. Melanie Palm, San Diego, CA 2021
• Women’s Dermatologic Society UIM Resident Mentorship Award, mentor: Dr. Sabrina Fabi 2021
• San Diego Dermatology Symposium, resident reporter 2021
• Fall Clinical Dermatology Conference- Rising Star Resident 2020
• Dermatology-In-Review, Advisory Council Member 2020- current
• ASDS Jumpstart Research Seed Grant Recipient 2020- current
• Texas Dermatological Society, Podium Presentation Winner 2020
• ARTE Scholar, ODAC Dermatology Conference 2020, 2022
o 3rd Place Resident Physician Poster Competition
• Rising Stars Travel Grant, Skin of Color Symposium 2017
• Lilienfield Award for Excellence in Physiology 2017
• Josh Pletka Award, first ever two-time awardee, highest academic achievement 2017
• Cum Laude- Georgetown University School of Medicine 2017
• Georgetown University Dean’s Research Stipend 2015
• Nth Dimensions Minority Women’s Research Scholar, Mentor: Laura Tosi, MD 2014
• Valedictorian, Georgetown University Masters of Physiology and Biophysics 2013

Recent Blog posts:

• McKesey, J. Scarring Hair Loss: CCCA and Androgenetic Alopecia Decoded. Dec 2021. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/scarring-hair-loss-ccca-and-androgenetic-alopecia-decoded/
• McKesey, J. The Art of Nail Findings in Patients with Skin of Color. Oct 2021. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/the-art-of-nail-findings-in-patients-with-skin-of-color/
• McKesey, J. Pro Tips for RF Microneedling. Sept 2021. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/pro-tips-for-rf-microneedling/
• McKesey, J. Actinic Keratoses: Evidence-Based Treatment Options. Mar 2021. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/actinic-keratoses-evidence-based-treatment-options/
• McKesey, J. Easing the Management of Atopic Dermatitis. Feb 2021. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/easing-the-management-of-atopic-dermatitis/
• McKesey, J. Practical Applications of Lasers and Energy-Based Modalities in Skin of Color. Nov 2020. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/practical-applications-of-lasers-and-energy-based-modalities-in-skin-of-color/
• McKesey, J. Isotretinoin in Acne: Fact vs Fiction. Oct 2020. https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/isotretinoin-in-acne-fact-vs-fiction/
• McKesey, J. Dermoscopy pearls from an expert: pink, white and brown facial neoplasms. Apr 2022. In production, Next Steps in Derm
• McKesey, J. Intraoperative complications: what do to STAT. Apr 2022 https://nextstepsinderm.com/derm-topics/intraoperative-complications-in-dermatologic-surgery-what-to-do-stat/
• McKesey, J. Fungal infections at ODAC 2022: everything you ever wanted to know about tinea, onychomycosis and KOH preps. Mar 2022. In production, Next Steps in Derm
• McKesey, J. A Tale of 3 Private Practices. Mar 2022. In production, Next Steps in Derm

Papers and Publications

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