Also known as a “Chemical Face-lift” or as “Face-lift in a Bottle”, Dr. Rullan’s peel consists of applying a modified phenol formula, taping it for 24 hours, removing the injured skin layer the next day, abrading the scars and wrinkles, reapplying the solution, and covering the face with a green powder which stays on for 7 days until removed by the patient. Dr. Rullan developed this unique procedure from the ExodermTM model. His technique combines meticulous abrasion of acne scars and wrinkles, surgical or chemical subcision of thickened scars, and the use of fillers to correct atrophic scars. Patients typically fly or drive to San Diego and stay at local hotels for 5-10 days. A patient can return to work around 10 days after the peel. If its regional (around the mouth or eyes) downtime is less. An editorial of the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery called this peel the most promising new option to laser resurfacing. It can be done on most skin types without the usual “phenol” associated side-effects like loss of skin color, scarring and cardiac toxicity, because of Dr. Rullan’s safer anesthesia guidelines and because this modified formula is 1/10th to 1/20th as strong as the other “phenol peel”, known as “Baker-Gordon”.

What is truly different and remarkable, when compared to other treatments such as laser peels, is the longevity of the improvement in skin laxity and skin quality. Another wonderful benefit is that your facial features do not change and still looks very natural. Your natural skin color returns to the same skin tone as your “non-sun-damaged” areas always covered by clothing.

Individual results may vary.

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