Preferred Peels for Select Skin Conditions





Acne 30% Salicylic acid
Melasma 30% Salicylic acid
Lentigines Cosmelantm
Mild photoaging Z.O.’s 3-Step Peeltm
Vi Peeltm
Mild to moderate    photoaging Z.O.’s 3-Step Peeltm with Vi Precision Peeltm periorbital and perioral (can add Hetter VLto lentigos and deeper lines)
Moderate photoaging Z.O.’s Controlled DepthTM 20%-26% (can add Hetter VL periorbital and taped Stone 100 to upper lip)
Moderate to severe photoaging 2-day phenol with Stone and periorbital Hetter
Neck with mild            elastosis Vi PrecisionTM or Z.O.’s 3-Step PeelTM
Neck with moderate    elastosis Hetter VL or Z.O. Controlled DepthTM 20%

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