Fractionated Erbium

Of the over 15 lasers and devices we use at Dermatology Institute in Chula Vista (San Diego County), our fractionated Erbium laser is one of the most popular, go-to devices to offer global improvement in skin texture, tone, and fine lines on the face, neck, chest, and hands. By removing surface skin damage, it treats photoaging, fine lines, poor texture, and acne scarring.

The fractionated erbium laser provides excellent results with less downtime and less discomfort than conventional fully ablative laser resurfacing, without compromising the outcome. It also offers better results than non-ablative laser treatments that don’t do as much to remove surface skin damage.

Because this laser produces less bulk heat than other resurfacing lasers, it allows your dermatologist to gently and comfortably eliminate damaged skin layer by layer. It also causes less post-operative redness and swelling, which provides a more rapid healing process for you. Because the Erbium laser is gentle on the skin, it can be used successfully and safely for people with light and darker skin tones.

What is a fractionated erbium laser treatment used for?

Fractional erbium laser resurfacing is an anti-aging treatment that refreshes and rejuvenates your appearance. Fractional laser resurfacing produces significant improvement of acne scars, reverses sun damage, successfully removes superficial wrinkles, increases skin thickness, and improves skin tone and texture.

How does fractionated erbium laser work?

This fractionated ablative laser breaks up its laser beam into a grid of tiny beams that create microscopic injuries to the top layer of skin. Because only a “fraction” of the skin is treated at one time, healing is more rapid and downtime is less.
The micro injuries stimulate new collagen and elastin production for skin remodeling, ultimately smoothing and evening outskin texture and tone..

Because this laser creates micro channels in the skin, the laser can be used to deliver topical products like growth factor serum or platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) more deeply into the skin for enhanced rejuvenation.

Who is a good candidate for fractionated erbium laser?

Patients in good health who desire skin rejuvenation with a shorter recovery period. It works best for patients with superficial and moderately deep lines and wrinkles who have sun damage, brown spots and/or acne scars.

Recovery from fractionated erbium laser treatment

In most cases, patients are fully recovered and back to normal activities within 5 days depending on the area treated and the energy used. Studies show consistent improvement of lines, wrinkles, photodamage and scars for up to 6 months after treatment.

Initially, there will be some swelling. Within less than a week you will see new pink skin that is softer and younger looking. Your c dermatologist will provide you with specific post-treatment instructions that are important for your best outcome. Post-treatment, it is important to wear sun screen because your skin may be more sun sensitive as it’s healing.

Fractional erbium laser resurfacing is an excellent treatment that offers many of the same benefits as tradition laser resurfacing with less downtime and minimal risks.

At Dermatology Institute we offer our patients the most effective, least invasive treatments and technologies available to enhance your beauty, while addressing your specific concerns. As with all cosmetic procedures, the skill and expertise of your cosmetic surgeon will determine your outcome. At Dermatology Institute, we have the skills, experience and expertise to deliver superior, personalized results to boost your self-confidence.

Alma Harmony XL Erbium Pixel Resurfacing benefits:

  • Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin texture, firmness and elasticity
  • Reduction of scar tissue and scar visibility
  • Overall reduction in pore size and superficial pigmentation
  • Reduction of melasma, sun damage and other skin irregularities
  • Collagen production

Is Fractional Laser as Good as Full Surface Lasers?

Although fractional laser can’t duplicate full surface laser results, it can provide appreciable improvements with little recovery time. In the simplest terms, fractional resurfacing is a system in which microscopic laser beams are introduced into the skin in a specific pattern. Treated skin area per session is typically about 20%. Why is this important? Whole skin around each tiny treated column accelerates healing and minimizes infection and post treatment pain.

In contrast, full surface lasers remove the entire top layer of the skin. Not only is this painful, but recovery is much longer and infection risks are quite high. The concept of fractional treatment utlizes the best possibility of lasers while bypassing the worst potential side effects.

The Goal of Tolerability and Comfort

No one comes to a dermatologist eager to undergo painful treatments. The massive difference in treatment experience between full surface laser and fractional laser has made laser treatment a “can do” for just about anyone. But because the fractional laser is much less invasive, the speed of accomplishing desired outcomes is traded for comfort.

Often the desired treatment effect requires multiple sessions, with acne scars in the 4 to 6 session range. Post-procedure side effects range from an after noon to days. A light treatment may feel similar to a moderate sunburn with some minor “dust-like” exfoliation after a few days. More aggressive treatment means more downtime, but quicker results.

Your procedures are always customized to your skin type, severity of your condition, desired outcome and personal downtime tolerance.