ThermiSmooth™ Face is a procedure for improving the appearance of aging skin through tightening and increasing collagen production over a period of time. The non-invasive treatment uses targeted heat to firm and smooth specific areas of the face.


What is ThermiSmooth?:

ThermiSmooth® Face is a non-invasive radiofrequency treatment that smoothes fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin on the face. This treatment targets and heats facial tissue to create a healing response and stimulate improved collagen production. The increase in collagen leads to tighter, firmer skin.

What can I expect with ThermiSmooth?:

Thermismooth is most often used on the face, including the cheeks, mouth, or eye area. The device is safe for all skin types or tones, and doesn’t commonly carry the risk of hyperpigmentation or scarring.

During Thermismooth, the physician will gently roll the hand piece in small, circular motions on the surface of the skin, heating targeted tissues below your skin. Patients often say the treatment feels like a warm massage. The device’s gentle heat, which uses temperature controlled radiofrequency energy, stimulates collagen remodeling below the surface. The treatment is painless and requires minimal downtime.

Thermismooth predominantly tightens and smoothes the skin, so the treatment also works effectively when paired with other devices, including dermal filler or skin resurfacing.

What areas does ThermiSmooth treat?:


How It Works

ThermiSmooth™ Face is effective in generating the production of fresh, new collagen—the foundational protein of skin. As one ages, collagen production slows down, which can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin. Therefore, the production of new collagen aids in tightening the skin for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

During the in-office procedure, the Thermi RF™ system is set to a specific target temperature, depending on the your aesthetic goals. After applying a small amount of gel, the ThermiSmooth™ Face hand piece is applied to the skin’s surface. The thermistor hand piece is gently moved in a sweeping or circular fashion, while gradually heating up the skin surface. As the skin’s temperature rises to the targeted temperature, the Thermi RF computer automatically adjusts the energy output to ensure precision of heating. A small zone is treated from about 5-15 minutes to achieve sustained heating of the target tissues.

Clinical studies show that the collagen in skin will shrink when heated to a sustained temperatures in excess of 104°F. Furthermore, it has been shown that when the skin is heated to this level, an inflammatory process is engaged which can stimulate skin cells to produce new collagen over a period of time.