Microneedling Post-Treatment Instructions


Steps for DAY 2,3,& 4

1)   Cleanse the skin thoroughly with Induction Therapies Cleanse IT.
2)   Apply Induction Therapies PHAZ liberally over entire treated area. You may             feel a burning sensation as the PHAZ is applied.
3)   AM only, apply Induction Therapies V35 SPF (do not apply any chemical sunscreens!)
4)   If desired, ONLY use mineral based make-up on days 2, 3, & 4. Normal skincare routines are not to be resumed until day 5.
5)   Resume Normal Skincare Routine

Note: *No Glycolic Acids, Retinoids or PH lowering skincare products
*Avoid sweaty exercise or heat for the first 48 hours
*Avoid excessive sun exposure for the first 72 hours

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